Welcome to Leprekald Grilling, a subsidiary of McVentures LLC. We are a company focused on creating high quality grilling products brought to you by Jerry and Karla McBrady and family.

We live in Minnesota so we like to take advantage of our relatively short summers and spend as much time outside as possible. Family time is also important to us and we enjoy getting together, sitting around the campfire or putting some food on the grill.

We are often asked “What does Leprekald mean?” Well, Jerry is very Irish, like a Leprechaun, so that’s where the “Lepre” part comes from. The “kald” comes from first letter of the names of the rest of the family-Karla, Andrea, Leah and Dillon.

As an independent contractor in construction for over 30 years, Jerry is a guy with big ideas and big dreams. He has always looked for innovative ways to “build a better mousetrap” by either modifying current tools or devices or inventing something brand new.

Karla has worked in clinical research for 30+ years and helps Jerry in all aspects of the business.

Jerry has always dreamed of having all his children involved in a family business-so let’s introduce our three adult children who each bring a special talent to Leprekald Grilling.

Andrea is our oldest daughter. She’s married to Nic and is a stay at home mother of 7. Andrea is our social media manager.

Leah is our middle child and has a degree in accounting so she handles the bookkeeping aspect of this business.

Our son, Dillon is married to Kait and is an attorney. In addition to helping with legal issues, Dillon built and maintains our website.

So with a social media queen, an accountant and a lawyer in the family, it seems like the perfect time to realize Jerry’s dream of a truly family owned business.

Why create and market grilling/campfire accessories? Jerry is the “grill master” at our house so creating better grilling accessories was a no-brainer. A firm believer in “you get what you pay for” he looks for quality whether it’s buying a new tool or buying a steak. That’s why our goal is to provide you with high quality, long lasting grill and campfire accessories.