BAMP Light


This is the ultimate in a portable work light. We have combined led lights with a C clamp and an adjustable goose-neck that stays in place where you put it.


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BAMP Light


Bad Ass Multi Purpose Light


This is the ultimate in a portable work light. We have combined led lights with a C clamp and an adjustable gooseneck that stays in place where you put it.


I started this quest looking for a good BBQ grill light. I didn’t like most of the junk out there. I also wanted something a little more diverse than a handle mount grill light. I wanted something that was easy to use, easy to move around, and leave my hands free while supplying enough light to clearly see what I was working on. I wanted a cordless work light with battery operated lamps that could be used anywhere around the house or shop. I think you’ll like what I came up with.


We like to grill out all winter long if it’s not too cold. The winter hours make it pretty hard to cook supper in the daylight. I wanted the led work lights so I could see my grill at night. With 200 lumens and a wide focus, the beam really lights up the entire grill so you can see what you’re cooking.


We like to bring the BAMP Light with us on camping trips. We clamp it to the picnic table to light up the area. It enables us to see what we’re eating for supper and is nice for sitting at the picnic table playing cards after the youngsters have gone to bed.


It’s also a terrific clip on reading light. The C clamp has a 2 inch opening when it is fully open. You can clamp it to a chair so you can read at night. You can clamp it to a 2 x 4 deck railing. You can clamp it on to round or square surfaces. It works great to clamp on to a handle of the grill.


The BAMP light is also excellent for crafting. We know a couple of people who have purchased the BAMP light specifically for working on their craft projects such as quilting or painting small objects.


It makes a great workbench light. You can brighten up particular areas of the bench to help see some of the smaller details when working on something.


If you’ve ever been out fishing at night in a boat you can set up and adjust the BAMP light to light up your tackle box. It has a push button switch and is very easy to use. The clamp on light works for ice fishing too. You can clamp it on to a 5 gallon bucket if you need to light up an area and don’t have much to attach to on a portable fish house or when you’re just sitting out on the ice. (Yes there are people who do just sit out on the ice)


The T screw for the C clamp comes out of the top, not the bottom. You don’t have to reach underneath to fasten it to whatever you are. It’s all right there in front of you.


The light itself pops out of the holder quite easily. It has a hook on it that can be used to just hook the light on to something without the rest of the assembly. It also has a magnet in the back that you can stick it to a piece of steel, like the inside of car hood. I like to carry one in the car for emergencies. They can be mounted to the fender well of the car to light up the area around the tire if you ever have a flat tire at night. The clamp has rubber pieces on the clamping surfaces to help prevent scratching and give a little extra grip. Just don’t screw it down so tight it dents anything.


Another fine feature the BAMP light is the bottle opener on the back of the clamp. So if you’re sitting around the grill, or the picnic table, or even in the shop you can pop a cold one of your favorite beverage. The opener also includes a magnetic cap catcher.


I have used the BAMP Light in many different circumstances. My background has been construction most of my life, from pouring concrete to framing houses. I owned a small contracting business for 30 years. I attached the BAMP Light to one of the rings of a troweling machine to light up the floor we were finishing in a dark shed on a cloudy day. A lot of times the lighting is not that good when in the building phase of a house. I have attached the light to my miter box to help see the marks where I need to cut.


There are many uses for the BAMP Light that I haven’t even thought of yet. It’s so much more than just a grill light. Much effort has gone into the design of this light and it has been through many different phases and prototypes in the 2 years before going to the manufacturer. We even made several changes after the first few BAMP lights were manufactured in order to bring you the highest quality product imaginable.


We also stand behind our product so we offer a lifetime warranty on the BAMP light.


If you have any problems at all feel free to contact us. We want to make sure our customers are totally happy with their BAMP Light.