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The All Natural Wooden Grill Scraper is a great way to clean your grill. With this, you will no longer have to worry about getting any wire bristles in your food. Also, it is built to last and made with quality wood. 

Unique features include:

  • Heavy duty wood, made of either oak or maple. 
  • All natural Olive Oil finish. 
  • Pre-made grooves to line up with your grill. 
  • 18 inches long and 5 inches wide.  
  • No wire bristles in your food. 

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Here is another “grate” product to add to your grill tools for your bbq cleaning.

The All Natural Wooden Grill Scraper


Why a wooden grill scraper to clean your grill grate?

When using a metal grill scraper or grill brush to clean your grill, you can run the risk of getting metal shavings or wire bristles on your food. Ingesting these wire bristles or metal shavings can cause serious health problems. You can google this and find all kinds of articles about people who have done this and left a bad taste in their mouth, so to speak.

Here is an article by Paul Bedard ,taken from Washington and dated 9/1/2015.

CDC Warns of Ingesting Metal Bristles from BBQ Cleaning Brushes


The upcoming Labor Day tradition of backyard barbecues, already in the health spotlight for spewing toxins, is drawing another warning from doctors and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: bristles from wire brushes used to clean grills are causing injuries.

Acting on a CDC warning, a new medical study reports an uptick in the cases of bristles getting stuck in throats and stomachs of barbecue fans — and often goes undiagnosed.

“The accidental ingestion of wire brush bristles continues to be a public health issue because of the difficulty in diagnosis,” said the study published in the authoritative Annals of Otology, Rhinology & Laryngology.

“Unlike chicken or fish bone foreign bodies in the oropharynx and hypopharynx, wire bristle foreign bodies may be more often overlooked on flexible laryngoscopy due to their small size,” said the study from the Boston University School of Medicine.

The study referenced a CDC warning about backyard barbecue cleaning. The CDC warned:

“Groom your grill and tools. Risk: Wire bristles from grill cleaning brushes may dislodge and stick into food on the grill. Tip: Use a moist cloth or paper towel to clean the grill surface before cooking. If you use a wire bristle brush, thoroughly inspect the grill’s surface before cooking.”

Another excellent idea would be to use one of our all natural wooden grill scrapers for your grate cleaning.

Our wooden grill scrapers are made from all natural hardwood, either oak or maple, and are coated with organic olive oil to remove the risk of health issues because of wire bristles.

We have pre-formed grooves cut into the bottom of the scraper. These grooves may not match up exactly with your grill grate prior to using. No problem! Just get your grill grate good and hot the first few times you use the wooden grill scraper. This will burn the exact dimensions of your grate right into the wood. Just lock on one of the end grooves of the scraper to one of your grate bars and hold in position until your grate burns into the scraper. Once the grooves on the bottom of the wooden grill scraper have been burned in to match your grill grate, you can start sliding it back and forth over the grate and it will clean the top and sides of your grill grate at the same time.


So you may be wondering what would happen if a sliver of wood gets on your grill grate. No worries- when your grill grate is really hot and ready for cooking, any slivers will burn right up. And you’ll get those nice grill marks on your steak or burgers.


After using, just wipe off the business end of your scraper with a paper towel to remove grease and grime. Since this is a natural wood product, please store it indoors and wipe on a light coat of your favorite vegetable/canola/olive oil every couple of weeks.


These heavy duty wooden grill scrapers will last a long time. When the grooves on your scraper are burned so deep it gets difficult to scrape, just take a saw and cut off the end, leaving a small amount of grooves. 


What price do you put on piece of mind knowing you won’t ever eat a metal bristle or shaving? This high quality product is reasonably priced at $34.95 which includes free shipping in the US by UPS Ground.

Order yours today!   Click “Select Options” choose Maple or Oak, then “Add to Cart”. 


 If you aren’t satisfied with our product, we guarantee a thirty day, no questions asked, refund. For more information on on our policies, see the Terms of Service.

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Weight 1.4 lbs
Dimensions 18 x 5 x 1 in

Maple, Oak


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